Q. Review AutoPIPE Vessel License using LMT (License Management Tool)?

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After installing AutoPIPE Vessel review licensing before starting the application

There are 2 options to start LMT:

Option #1:

Select Start>

Bentley Engineering>

AutoPIPE Vessel>

License Management Tool>

Option #2: 

Start AutoPIPE Vessel, Select File> 

License Management Tool>

Confirm Select Server Name and Site Activation Key Settings:

With LMT opened, select Tools> Options> 

Confirm Server Name and Site Activation Key are entered correctly and press Test Connection button, the following should appear:

iF NOT, contact Bentley Licensing team for assistance.

If Verified, click OK button until back at main screen, then...

Press keyboard key F5 (refresh)

Press keyboard key F9 (send logs now)

Continue below.

License Checkout tab

Look at the column next to the version of AutoPIPE trying to license, see following image:


What is listed?

Knowing what products are listed here will become very important when selecting the license inside of AutoPIPE Vessel. Any program Usage will be logged against the option selected on the License Configuration dialog. User must know what License is apart of their contract:

AutoPIPE Vessel


AutoPIPE Vessel Enterprise 


Both, AutoPIPE Vessel and AutoPIPE Vessel Enterprise

Is the value = 0 ?

If the value is = 0, then you cannot use this version of AutoPIPE Vessel as it does not have a valid license.

You may consider increasing your pooled license, contact your Bentley Account Manager for options and pricing, Or Contact Bentley license team to help locate the user who has the license checked out.

Is the value >0 ?

If the Value is greater than 0, therefore a license is available for the application.

If AutoPIPE Vessel is not listed:

When looking at the listing on your computer the application, AutoPIPE Vessel, is not listed as shown above. Use one or more of the following to resolve:

a. Select Tools> Options> Confirm the Server name and Site activation keys are correct. If not, correct as needed and refresh the listing

Hosted server name = selectserver.bentley.com

Activation Key = (contact Bentley License team to verify)

b.  Select Tools> Options> Press the test connection button, the following should appear

SELECTserver and Activation Key verified.

If not, then your computer is not connecting to the server location, check the server name and activation key again or Internet connection may be down.

c. Contact the onsite Bentley Administrator to check if there is any check out restrictions for that user and / or application on the select server.

Activation Status tab

On the Activation status tab, see a list of Product applications and their respective License status (Product Activation Modes of Behavior):

If Product Feature Status is set to anything other than Active (ex. "Trial Expires in xx day(s)" as indicated below):

First select the application and then press the Activate button. 

Note: like other window applications, hold down the Shift key and select the last item in the list to select more than one at a time or use Cntl + A to select all.

The following will be displayed: 

As indicated the program is sending logs to your Select Server and is waiting for authentication.

If all is OK the Feature status will be changed to Activated, repeat procedure for all Products as needed

Note: see WIKI here for more information when Feature Status is set to...

Start AutoPIPE Vessel

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