11. AutoPIPE Stress Isometric customization - hide label "NS" from Pipe size

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Area: Stress Isometric
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Feb. 2016


How to hide label "NS" (Nominal Size) from being displayed on an AutoPIPE Stress Isometric using OPIM?


Start by closing all AutoPIPE applications. 

The style.xml file requires an update. It is located in following folder:

AutoPIPE 10.xx and higher:

C:\ProgramData\ Bentley\ AutoPIPE CONNECT \ isoextractor\ projects\ project01\ stress\ Config

AutoPIPE 09.06.xx and lower:


The file can be open in any Text editing application (i.e. MS Word, NotePAD, UltraEdit ect..)

After opening the file, search for the following entry: <PipeDiameter>%NS</PipeDiameter>

Modify the entry to remove the "NS", but leave the %<PipeDiameter>%</PipeDiameter>.

Save the file, close the file, start AutoPIPE,  open/create a model, save a Stress Isometric and confirm the setting works. 

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