Forrtl: severe (9): permission to access file denied, unit 121

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When using AutoPIPE the following appears:

Forrtl: severe (9): permission to access file denied, unit 121

How to resolve it?


During every command AutoPIPE creates a copy of the model .DAT file as an undo file. The problem with reading/writing this file can be caused by:

1. User having no access to this folder (folder is read only)

2. File is readonly

3. No disk space on drive C: where temp folder is located

4. File is being access by another process

5. If using AutoPIPE V8i 09.01.xx.xx and lower, file is stored on a network drive. These versions of AutoPIPE do not support saving a file to a NETWORK location.

AutoPIPE 9.2 and higher, to support network access, now copies model data into temporary folder and after closing the file, the information is updated to the model's folder location.

Comfirm that the user has read / write access to the following folders:

Recommend the following solution:

1. User computer privileges are updated to Admin or Power user

2. Turn of Anti Virus software for a test to see if this is causing the issue. Note: Kaprinski Antivirus has been known to be the cause with other users.

3. Changing temp folder location to one with shorter path like C:\temp or better in a different drive.

4. Un-installing AutoPIPE and re-installing.

5. Revert back to AutoPIPE V8i 09.01.xx.xx,  since that version does not require a temp folder. Can the user successfully use that  version of the application? If so, clearly a premission issue that must be resolved by user IT department.

6. Upgrade to the latest version of AutoPIPE, as this issue has only been known to occur on AutoPIPE V8i 09.02.xx.xx and lower. 

If the problem persists after performing the above solutions, log a service request with Bentley and be sure to attach the computer .NFO file and directory structure (TXT) per the following. That will help in diagnosing the issue on our side:

Computer's system information:
   1) Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools>  System Information.
   2) After the program has been opened, select File> Save> save file
   3) Send me a copy of systemname.NFO file for review.

Directory Structure:
   1) Start DOS command, select Start> Run> type "cmd"
   2) Type, cd .. until c:\> is shown
   3) Type, c:\> Dir /s /o /ogne>systemname.txt
   4) Send me a copy of the systemname.txt for review.

These files may be large and can be shrunk by adding it to a ZIP file.

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