04l. Model Cut short / Cut long in AutoPIPE

Understanding and modeling Cut-short / Cut-long in AutoPIPE

Please see the following AutoPIPE help section:
Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Command Reference> Insert  and Modify commands> Component Reference> Xtra Data> Cut Short

From Online help:

The Xtra Data/Cut Short command enables the user to insert/modify a cut at the current point so that a length of pipe preceding the cut can be deleted (cut-short), or inserted (cut-long) and the pipe ends joined, thus allowing longitudinal thermal displacements of the pipe due to the temperature change between the ambient and operating conditions to be counteracted.

See online help for complete data and Recommended procedure for performing cut short analysis 

Note: Most piping codes, if not all, do not allow using cut-short in evaluating piping stresses. Therefore, it is recommended to not add "Cut short" code stresses. It should only be applied to non-code combinations ( such as support or anchor reactions) cases. 

FAQ's about "Cut Short" Command:

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