E774-44: Equation requires more combinations to be complete...error message appears in AutoPIPE, wh

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Sept. 2017


The following message appears in AutoPIPE when running a model consistency check report:

E774-44:  Equation requires more combinations to be complete. 

Why and how to avoid it?


When defining a stress summary with equation 10 that includes only T1 or only 1 combination. the E774-44 error will be shown and the summary will not be printed. 

Example #1:

The way to enter Amb to T1 case in the stress summary would be to enter "Zero moment case" or ambient for combination #1 and then enter T1 (or Thermal 1) for combination #2..

Example #2:

The summary entries indicate transients going from one state to another so need at least two entries to represent this.  The Response 1 needs to range with T1 (Normal Operating).

NoteThere are some improvements required for ASME NC ie make the Eqn 10a available in the Results Stress Summary, and remove Eqn columns where the Eqn is no longer used in that year. Generally, the rules in AutoPIPE follow those of ADLPipe in regard to the stress summary use.

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