"BS7159" Piping Code Enhancements for AutoPIPE

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The following enhancements and defects have already been requested:


BS 7159: K factor incorrectly set as 0.6 instead of 1.0 for occasional stress category


K-factor for Occasional category code combinations for BS7159 piping code is incorrectly set as 0.6, resulting in a lower allowable value.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a new BS7159 model

2. Add an anchor and attach a pipe

3. Insert a static earthquake load and add that load to the analysis set

4. Analyze the model

5. Open the Combination dialog and navigate to Code Comb. tab

Notice that the K-factor for the Occasional combination would be incorrectly set as 0.6. BS7159 does not provide a specific K-factor for occasional loads, and this factor should be reset to 1.0.


Manually set the K-factor value for the impacted code combinations using Code comb. tab of Combinations dialog be fore reviewing analysis results.

Development Project: TBD

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