12. Exporting Non-Standard Pipe Diameters and Thicknesses from AutoPlant to AutoPIPE

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Define the AutoPLANT schedules in the AutoPLANT specifications following schedule rules when importing a file into AutoPIPE:


AutoPIPE Schedule Mapping

There is a table in the mapping file that maps AutoPLANT schedules into the corresponding AutoPIPE schedules. In the Metric units version of AutoPLANT, schedule mapping is needed because the standard DIN pipe wall thicknesses are defined as AutoPIPE schedules. The first mapping pair corresponds to the default mapping for unrecognized schedules. A warning flag is provided with each mapping pair. If this flag is set to Yes, a warning is echoed in the AutoPIPE warnings and errors file (.MSG).

 AutoPIPE will assign a standard schedule if the thickness is found in the component library by first recognizing one of the following strings in the PXF schedule field 2051:

The above rules apply for all AutoPLANT units.

Note: for DIN schedules  the following warning message may display for mm or decimal numbers found in the PXF schedule field. If click yes then the program will use the DIN schedule mapping in the PXF units file used e.g. metric.map under [SCHEDULE]. If click NO then the Schedule field will be read as the actual pipe thickness.

Note: This message is only displayed if the component library is NOT set to AUTODIN.LIB e.g. for ASME piping codes B31.1 or B31.3 which uses AUTOPIPE.lib. However for European code EN13480 change the component library from AUTODIN to AUTOPIPE before importing the PXF model with non-standard sizes then click NO to the dialog above.

If the DIN thickness is not found in the mapping file then the program will use OD/4 as the thickness. This also applies to English schedules using English.map.

Note: The schedule fields 3012,3032,3052,3072 are not read in AutoPIPE.

For Example:

50 nominal inside diameter pipe with 55 mm OD and 2.5mm thickness is defined in the AutoPLANT specifications as nominal = 55 and schedule = 2.5mm then will be imported as shown below into AutoPIPE provided click No to the DIN spec message above. Notice the Nominal is set to NS (non-standard) and the schedule is grayed out with actual thickness shown.

Non-Standard Diameters

The program checks to find the nominal size in the AutoPIPE component library (fields 2040 and 3002), if not found then it sets the OD to the nominal. This is how non-standard OD’s can be imported into AutoPIPE.


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