03. Corrugated Straight Pipe - modeling approach in AutoPIPE

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Version(s):2004, XM, & V8i
Environment: N/A
Area: Modeling
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How to model Corrugated Straight pipe in AutoPIPE:


 There are 3 options to choose from:

A. Apply a special pipe id to the length of corrugated piping changing that pipe id's Pipe material to NS (Non Standard), update pipe properties using equivalent stiffness values in Long Modulus, Hoop Modulus, and shear Modulus; adjusting other pipe properties as needed.

B. Place back to back Flexible joints over the length of straight pipe using the correct stiffness values.

C. Insert back to back bends over the length of straight pipe, for example 10/1000 angle at each bend, but ending with straight end connections. In the model input grid change the bend's Flexibility Factor from Automatic to the correct value. 
        Note: there has been no official testing done using option C, but appears to work in theory


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Corrugated Straight pipe