Creating A LandXML File With InRoads

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In order to share geometric data from one application to the next, InRoads has the ability to import or export chains and profiles from the Coordinate Geometry dialog to a LandXML file.

Exporting LandXML Data

The LandXML Translator is available in all InRoads Group products and is found on the File > Translators > LandXML Translator menu. 

  1. Select the Export Alignment tab of the File > Translators > LandXML Translator command.
  2. Set the Geometry Project field to the project containing the alignments you wish to export.
  3. To select the alignment(s) to be exported, you have three methods: You can key in a comma-separated list (wildcards are allowed) in the Include field, or you can use the Locate button beside the field to select the alignment, or you can use the geometry selection filter by placing your cursor in the Include field and selecting the Filter button which brings up the Geometry Selection Filter dialog.
    The Name, Description and Style fields can be used to limit the alignments shown in the Available list.
    Note:  If you use the Locate button to select your alignment, you can add to the Selected list by depressing the CTRL key while selecting additional alignments.
  4. Set the LandXML option to Version 1.0. Toggle on the Include Active Children Only option if you wish to include only the active vertical alignment.
  5. Set the Linear Units to match your design. If your project is metric, your linear units will automatically be Meters, but if your project is imperial, you must choose International Feet or US Feet. Set the State field to match your data as well.
  6. Key in a file name in the File Name field and select the Save button or use the Save As button to navigate to a directory.


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