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When creating plan sheets, data must be formatted properly so that symbols can be moved from an XML report to a DGN file correctly and smoothly. Bentley InRoads 8.7 enables users to create a variety of XML reports with customizable style sheets to better address this issue, circumventing the time consuming process of moving coordinate geometry into a plan sheet by hand and typing it into a DGN file.

When using a MicroStation RSC font (like Engineering Font 3) to copy and paste XML text to a DGN, the degree symbol from the XML report may not display correctly. This occurs because the XML character for degrees differs from the Engineering Font 3 caret (^) used to display the degree symbol for bearings and angles. This can be especially frustrating when working with CAD standards that limit the fonts that can be used. Follow the steps below to workaround this issue.

  1. Make a copy of format.xsl (typically located at C:\Program Files\Bentley\InRoads Group\XML Data\format.xsl); rename and retain the original for future use.
  2. In the new format.xsl, find the instances of unescape("%b0") and change it to unescape("^").

In the XML report, the caret will now be used for the degree symbol and will copy properly into a DGN. The Engineering Font 3 then deciphers the caret correctly and places the correct symbol. Keep in mind that this modification affects all XSL style sheets, as the format.xsl controls all XSL style sheets provided in InRoads. To return to the original format, rename the 'new' format.xsl and rename the original file (unescape("%b0") back to format.xsl.

This is just one example of the numerous XML customizations that can help users produce deliverables more efficiently.

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