Roadway Designer - Missing Alignments

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 Area: Roadway Designer
 Original Author:Sanders Thomas, Bentley Technical Support Group









I have one IRD file with multiple corridors referring to multiple alignments placed in separate files. When I open single alignment to work with IRD file, InRoads pops up with result errors (missing alignments to other corridors.

How do I switch off this notification about errors, which aren't errors at all? Reports lock does not work.



When you open your IRD all corridors within that IRD are looking for the alignments that ware attached when those corridors were created.  This is InRoads way of informing the user that “you will not be able to process all corridors that you have loaded because we did not find the proper alignments.” 

The only way to prevent this is to delete the corridor that is seeking an alignment that’s not loaded or copy your alignments into one geometry project. The notification cannot be switched off.