View Geometry > Active Vertical updates ALL profiles with the active Vertical Alignment..

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I have multiple profile sets created for a horizontal alignment with the intent of displaying a single vertical alignment in each profile.  When I view the active vertical alignment, that vertical alignment is updating in all of the profiles generated by the parent horizontal as the source.  Is there a way to only display a vertical alignment in an applicable profile?


To accomplish this task, utilize the Geometry > View Geometry > Vertical Annotation command to select the Horizontal alignment, Vertical Alignment and Profile Set that will be annotated.  You can "display" the Vertical Alignment without having to display any annotation by adjusting the symbology for the Points, Curves and Tangents. 

For the Points it is not necessary to have any of the symbology settings toggled on under the 'Symbology' section at the bottom to simply display the vertical alignment.

For Curves, only toggle on the 'Curves' option under the symbology and toggle off all other options (i.e. Curve Annotation, Curve Witness, etc.). make sure you edit the symbology to match the settings for the Vertical alignment display as this will control the look of the vertical alignment in the profile.

For Tangents, only toggle on the 'Tangents' option and check the symbology to set it up as desired.

When you apply, it should only display the linework for the chosen Vertical Alignment in the chosen Profile Set.