Text Is Missing From Plan When Adding Horizontal Event Points

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 Original Author:Andrea Garecht, Bentley Technical Support Group









When creating new Horizontal Event Points, InRoads does not place annotation in plan view once the point is created.


InRoads will not place text in plan view when event points are created.  The command Horizontal Annotation will display the points with the specific style specified in the command options.

How To

  1. Create Horizontal Event points with the command located under Geometry > Horizontal Curve Set > Events
  2. Once the event points are created, the Horizontal Annotation command can be found under Geometry > View Geometry > Hoizontal Annotation
  3. The Hoizontal Alingment that was set active when generating the event points must be defined under Include/Selected  (If this alignment is not selected, the event points will not display/annotate)
  4. Toggle on Display Points then select Event Points
  5. Toggle on Annotate Points
  6. The Style can be adjusted by the Apply Style options:  Assigned option will pull the style from the Event Point itself while the Active option will pull the style from the Styles tab of the Horizontal Events command


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