When Translating a Surface to LandXML, Deleted Triangles are Retained

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 Area: Surface
 Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group










I have edited a surface by using the Delete Triangles command to remove unwanted triangles.  However, when I translate the DTM to LandXML format, then reimported the newly created XML file, the unwanted triangles are retained.  Why is this happening?


Because InRoads uses a feature-based DTM, it will be re-triangulated upon import based on the features.  For that reason, any triangles previously deleted will be recreated.  To overcome this, after deleting the triangles, use the command Surface > View Surface > Perimeter.  You should then graphically import the perimeter as an exterior boundary feature using the command File > Import > Surface.  This will preserve the edits after triangulation as well as retain them if the DTM is translated to a LandXML.