Import LandXML Surface Using Data Acquistion

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 Area: Surface
 Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group










How do I import a LandXML Surface using Data Acquisition?


  1. Ensure that the Tasks bar is available in Microstation.  If not, go to the Tools Menu and toggle on “Tasks”.
  2. On the Tasks Bar in Microstation, select Data Acquisition.  This will bring up the Data Acquisition dialog box.
  3. On the Data Acquisition dialog, right-click on Surfaces and go to Create Surface > Import External Surface > Import LandXML Surface.  This will bring up the open dialog box.  Select the file you wish to import and click “open”.  On the Select Surface dialog that will pop up, highlight your surface and click “accept”.
  4. Expand the “Surfaces” leaf and the newly opened surface name will be listed.  Check the box next to this surface.
  5. Right-click on the surface name, and select Export to > InRoads DTM.  This will bring up the save as dialog box where you can save the name of the DTM.