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MX Custom Object Files for AutoCAD R14 onwards and MX Version 2.4 onwards

MX Strings are drawn as custom objects in an AutoCAD drawing. A custom object describes more than just the geometry of the string: in the case of MX strings, the object contains additional information about how its behavior differs to that of standard AutoCAD objects.

We strongly recommend you read the help A2Kcust.hlp (Mosscust.hlp in AutoCAD R14)

You have probably obtained this file because you have tried to view a DWG file containing these MXACString (MOSSString in AutoCAD R14) custom objects and seen a warning from AutoCAD about proxy objects indicating that something was missing. Objects in the drawing may also have been displayed as bounding rectangles rather than individual objects.

By installing MX in AutoCAD Custom Objects, you gain increased control over the objects. For example, a string can be listed to provide all the string and point information.

If you do not wish to install the software select cancel from the setup procedure and the downloaded files will remain in the download directory.

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