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Problem: You have existing MXTIP files using the existing profile dll to include drainage annotation. You wish to take advantage of the improved, dedicated, DrainageProfile.dll


  1. At SU3 (build number 08.09.05.xx) the standard mxtip and dll files we supply for annotating drainage profiles have been updated to reflect the new standalone structure of the drainage style. What this means is that you can do a more comprehensive drainage annotation which works separately from the regular profile.
  2. Therefore any new drainage annotation work done on version SU3 will automatically include the new features. You need not do the steps from (3.) below.
  3. Users who have created their own drainage profile annotation mxtips files, in previous versions, will need to effectively  recreate  them again in the geometric annotation panel using the new structure. 
  4. They can also be modified manually by following the procedure below:


a. Make sure that DrainageProfile.dll is in the XX_sys folder and is registered on the system.

b. Copy the existing customised profile mxtips file to a new file name.

c. Edit the new file in a text editor. You will notice the structure is in a standard file path format eg :


Each line has a following value line, so when you are asked to delete lines, delete both the path line and the value line. 

d. Replace the top four lines with these:


e. Delete any lines that do not contain DrainageGroup or ServiceGroup. These drainage entries are at the bottom of the file. 

f. Do a global substitution changing "Profile\DrainageGroup" to "DrainageGroup". 

g. Save the file. 

h. Load it into the GA panel. (geometric annotation panel) 

i. Modify the top level  properties for scale, distance to top and bottom of profile etc.


If you are in any doubt or have problems altering your files then contact the support desk. (+44 1403 217749)

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