How to exclude an area of a model from a tringualtion analysis

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 Product(s):Bentley MXROAD
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Analysis
 Subarea: Triangulation
 Original Author:Jason Walsh, Bentley Technical Support Group









Users often require certain areas of a model excluded from the triangulation of that model, i.e rivers, lakes etc. The PBRK string is provided specifically for this purpose.

Steps to Accomplish

The PBRK string is a point string containing only null level points and given the name PBRK. Normally, null level points are ignored during the building of the triangulation, but the points of the PBRK string are included in the calculation process. This effectively creates a void in the triangulation.

  1. Create an initial Triangulation of the model.
  2. User the Create a String Dynamically (MX>Modify>Edit Strings>Create a String Dynamically) tool for placing the points of the PBRK string.
  3. Add points within the inside the triangles for the area you require excluded from the triangulation.
  4. When you have added all the points save the string name as PBRK in the model you are triangulating.
  5. Delete the initial Triangulation and create a new triangulation. This new triangulation will have voids at the areas where you placed the points of the PBRK string.

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