Combine Geometry Projects (Alignments and Cogo Points)

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What method is used to combine the information in 2 different ALG Files?


In order to combine multiple Geometry Projects you must have both ALG files opened.  Go to Geometry > Copy Geometry. 

1. To copy Horizontal Alignment from one ALG to another, go to the Horizontals tab.  Select the correct Project you are copy from.  Select the alignment(s) you wish to copy.  If you toggle on to 'Include all Children' this will copy all Vertical children associated to the Horizontal to the new Project.  Under the 'To' section, select the Project you wist to copy the alignment to and type in a name.  If you are copying a single alignment you will be required to enter a name, but if you are copying multiple alignments by selecting more than on in the list it will auto-populate the names when they are created.  Select apply.

2. You can copy Vertical alignments from one Horizontal to another by selecting the Verticals tab and follow a similar procedure as the Horizontals.  You will select the Hotizontal and it will populate a list of Verticals that can be copied.  then select the Project and Horizontal you wish to copy to and give the vertical a new name if necessary. Apply to copy the verticals.

3. For cogo points, go to the Cogo Points tab.  Select the correct project you are copying from and enter in all the numbers for the cogo points you wish to include in the copy.  You can enter in the asterisk (*) to include all points.  then select the correct Project you are copying to and select Apply.