All Horizontal elements start with a station value of 0 from LandXML Import

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 Area: Translator
 Original Author:Chris Key, Bentley Technical Support Group









When importing geometry from LandXML, the resulting alignments that are created are not correct.  When viewed as a 3D alignment it is only displaying the first element in 3D and no other element graphics are appearing.  The review of the alignment shows that every element starts at the station value of 0 and the station resets each time it gets to a new element.


In this case, when the geometry was exported into the landXML format, the stationing was not included so there is no value stored in the xml for a station.  When you go to File > Translators > LandXML Translator to Import the XML, there is an option for "Use LandXML Stationing".  Make sure this option is toggled OFF if you do not have stored stationing in the LandXML file.