InRoads Suite / Rail Track Multiple Installation

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 Product(s):InRoads Suite
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 Area: Installation
 Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group









There appears to be a conflict when both InRoads Suite and Bentley Rail Track are installed on the same machine.  If I install either application alone, this is no problem.  If I install both applications, I receive a DOS window with a series of errors (listed below) and a .net window.

The error messages when I launch InRoads are:

INROADSMENU is already loaded.
GPKGALSERVERAT is already loaded.
GPKDGNAT is already loaded.

Is there a method to install both applications on the same machine that resolves these errors?


This behavior works as designed.  The two products cannot be loaded on the same machine.  This is because when InRoads Suite is installed, Rail Track is installed with it and is available from the MicroStation Applications menu.