Associate a DGN with InRoads in ProjectWise

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 Area: ProjectWise Integration
 Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group









In Projectwise, how do you associate a dgn with InRoads?


In addition to setting up the association to the file, you also need to enable legacy integration.  To do this, use the following steps:

In ProjectWise Explorer: 

  1. Open the Program Associations dialog (Tools > Associations > Programs).
  2. Set the Association view to User associations.
  3. In the Applications list, expand the InRoads application.
  4. Expand the “Open” action.
  5. If the action does not yet have a program associated to it, associate it with InRoads.
  6. Expand the program so that the options Command Line Arguments, Enable Legacy Integration, and Replace Default Arguments display.
  7. Right-click Enable Legacy Integration and choose Enable Legacy Integration.
  8. Now right click on the dgn, go to properties, and associate it with InRoads.
  9. Click save and the file will open with InRoads.