Converting InRoads DTM to different Civil Software surface formats

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 Original Author:Chris Key, Bentley Technical Support Group









How can you convert or save an InRoads DTM surface to a Civil 3D TIN, or any other civil design software so the surface can be utilized in different programs?


We do not have a direct way to write the coding of the Civil3D TIN, but we do have a translator which is a universal standard for data transfer between Civil Softwares.  This process is also used for converting the InRoads DTM to a format that can be imported into GEOPAK, various Data Collectors, machine controls, etc.

Steps to Accomplish

Land XML Translator

  1. In InRoads, go to File > Translators > LandXML Translator

  2. Go to the 'Export Surface' tab.

  3. Select the Surface you wish to export

  4. Select the information you wish to include (Triangles, Features, Non-triangulated Features)

  5. Select the units

  6. Select the Source State (Proposed, Existing, etc.)

  7. Save As - This allows you to save the file out as an XML file.

  8. You can now provide this *.XML file to the Civil 3D user and they will have the ability to import the XML through their LandXML Translator.