Create a Surface DTM from Graphics Drawn in a Cross Section

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 Environment: N/A
 Area: Cross Sections
 Original Author:Chris Key, Bentley Technical Support Group









We have a set of InRoads Cross Sections and have drawn a line in each section to represent a bedrock layer in the ground.  Can these graphics be used to create a DTM for a bedrock surface?

Steps to Accomplish:

You will need need to add the surface to the cross sections first, then you can extract the surface to create the physical DTM with triangulated features.  The features will be a transverse line at the stations represented in the cross section set. 

  1. Add all the graphic lines into a selection set in MicroStation.

  2. Go to Evaluation > Cross Section > Add Surface to Cross Section
    1. Select the correct cross section set.
    2. Type in a new name for the Surface you are adding to this cross section set.
    3. Make sure the mode is set to Graphics and select Apply.  It should specify how many elements have been modified once added to the set.

  3. Next, extract the graphics to create the physical surface from the cross section surface.  Go to Evaluation > Cross Section > Cross Section to Surface.
    1. Select the correct Cross Section Set.
    2. Select the Cross Section Surface from the list on the right.  This is the cross section surface that will be used to extract data to create the DTM.
    3. This should populate the Target Surface name to match the Cross Section Surface name. 
    4. Specify a seed name for the transverse feature that will be generated in the new DTM
    5. Select the style and set the point type to Breakline.

  4. Select Apply and  a new DTM will be created.

You now have a DTM generated from the manually drawn graphics in the cross sections.