Archive: System Error: unable to query for free space on disk.

 Applies To 
 Product(s):ProjectWise InterPlot Server
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Archive
 Original Author:Dawn Clark, Bentley Technical Support Group









Error or Warning Message

When submitting to the archive, the following error appears in the errlog:

== 5.PATILIPW7X32 (x8180 .ips) on OKI C9600(PS) from admin@PATILIPW7X32 (Wed Apr 18 16:05:09 CDT 2012) ==
Archive: LocalDPR
System Error.
GetLastError() : 0x5
Archive: LocalDPR
System Error: unable to query for free space on disk.
 Directory : \\hsvplot64\LocalFile\LocalDPR\
Archive: LocalDPR

The archive cannot find any filestores large enough to hold the files generated for the archive. The Archive Administrator can either increase the amount of space allocated for the archive's filestores, or add more filestores to the archive.  12 Kbytes

How to Avoid

Run psec 255 on the archive server. 

This problem should only occur when using ProjectWise InterPlot SS4.  Changes were made to dpc.exe in how user impersonation is done.  The user on the submitting client is trying to map to the same user on the receiving server.  If the client user is local or does not exist, a security issue is occurring on the server.  Psec 255 removes this change and maps all users to the SYSTEM account.