Graphical Filters for Terrain Models

The Graphical filters for terrain models can be saved as dgnlib and can be used to create terrain models for other projects as well. The configuration variable that defines the terrain model filters DGN library is


Following are the steps :

1. Create a dgnlib that contains terrain graphical filters.

2. From the Microstation menu select "WorkSpace > Configuration".

3. Hit the "New" button.

4. In the variable field enterĀ the above variable


5. In the value field give the location of the dgnlib file, say, the dgnlib is placed in the folder named 'DGNLIB'

C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MX V8i (SELECTseries 3)\WorkSpace\Projects\Examples\Bentley-Civil-Metric\dgnlib\*.dgnlib

Hit OK. Click 'Yes' to save the changes.

6. You will need to restart MX so that the changes are applied.

The dgnlib will then be listed inĀ 'Project Explorer > Civil Standards tab >Filters'.

Do let us know.