Adding Custom Columns To InterPlot Organizer [TN]

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 This document will show how to customize the InterPlot Organizer columns, to display information from ProjectWise Environment Attributes that are bound to MicroStation Tag data.

Users often require data from tag sets to be displayed in the ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer Dialog. Displaying the tag set data in this dialog provides more information about the file.  A popular example would be the Sheet Number.  In general, users will create a MicroStation Tag set, and then add that to a ProjectWise Attribute Exchange Rule which binds the tag to a ProjectWise Attribute. When the file with the tag is opened via ProjectWise Explorer, the tag data is automatically updated with the values stored in the ProjectWise attribute. Therefore the users do not have to manipulate any tag data in the design file.



In the following steps it is assumed that you have already configured ProjectWise Title Block Exchange and are using a ProjectWise Environment to update the Tag Data in the MicroStation Design file.

In the example that follows a MicroStation Tag Set called "pw" is being used.


1. Edit the C:\Program Files\ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer\config\ip.cfg file and modify the IP_ENVR_COLUMNS and the

     IP_EXTRACT_VARIABLES_ON_CREATE_PLOTS variables. The ip.cfg files have explanations on how to set these variables.

            a. IP_ENVR_COLUMNS = "Sheet Number,SHEET_NUMBER_TB"

                     i. Sheet Number will be displayed as the column name.

                     ii. The value extracted will be the tag SHEET_NUMBER_TB.


                      i. This will extract the value anytime the file is being plotted. That way, the tag data is updated from ProjectWise every time it is plotted. You no longer have to open the file to have the tag data updated by ProjectWise.

2. Create/Modify a ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer design script (pen table).

            a. The ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer help file provides an example of the design script file for your convenience. The following  example is how to use the MicroStation Tag Set Name in the design script to populate the column added to InterPlot Organizer.


! ProjectWise TitleBlock Capture


tag_set = 'pw'

tag_name = 'sheet_number_tb'

if (tag_character <> "NO_tag_character") then          !Won't display if value is null.

envr_variable = "sheet_number_tb"            !Setting the environment variable for processing.

envr_value = tag_character                           !Setting the value to the tag character.

extract_envr_variable = "sheet_number_tb"  !Attribute name in the Titleblock exchange.

extract_envr_value = tag_character                 !Extracting the tag value.


Screen Shot Results

Screen Shot of InterPlot Organizer Showing Custom Column "Sheet Number"

InterPlot Organizer Screen Shot

Screen Shot of ProjectWise Attribute that shows that the user has filled out the "Sheet Number"
Screen shot showing Sheet Number as a ProjectWise Attribute

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