Import Google Earth Image into MX

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 Product(s):Bentley MXROAD
 Version(s):MX XM and Later
 Environment: Standalone
 Area: Google Earth Integration 
 Subarea: Google Earth and MX
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Amita Shinde. Product Advantage Group








Following are the steps to import Google earth image into MX:

1. In Google earth, define the position of the road, by placing a placemark. For this: a. Go to Google earth. Locate the position.

b. Click on the "Add Placemark" tab. Place the placemark at the desired location. In the "Google Earth-New Placemark" dialog, give name to the placemark, then click ok.

c. Then right click on the placemark, select "Save As", the "Save File" dialog is displayed. Click "Save".

2. Now in MX, in CAD menu select, "Tools > Geographic > Define Placemark Monument", the "Define Placemark Monument" dialog is displayed.


3. Browse for the place marker that is saved. Click "Done". Place the placemark at the required location (say, start of the road). The placemark would contain the longitude, latitude, and the altitude values corresponding to the placemark in the Google Earth.

4. Then select “Tools > Geographic > Synchronize Google Earth View”, and give a data point in the view. This would synchronize the google earth with MX.

5. Then select “Tools > Geographic > Capture Google Earth Image”, and select the view, by giving a data point. Change the view display to “Smooth”. The google earth image would get imported to MX.

In order to create a triangulation model from the captured google earth image, following are the steps:

1. After the google earth image is captured, there is a mesh generated. Now, at the bottom, there is an option ‘Export mesh to tria’, click on it.

2. Then select the mesh. Give another data point to accept the selection.

3. The “Triangulation from Mesh” dialog box is displayed. Select the ‘Model name’, etc.

The mesh gets converted to triangulation model. Then using the “Surface Analysis” one can generate the contours.

Hope this helps. Do let us know if you have any queries.