ProjectWise Managed Workspaces and Plotting

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ProjectWise handles workspaces using Managed Workspaces and/or Workspace Profiles, and both are supported in ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer. When documents are added to a ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer Plot Set file, ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer reads the Managed Workspace or Workspace Profile assigned to the document in order to access the appropriate workspace.

Using Managed Workspaces, you can import an entire MicroStation workspace into ProjectWise. If you prefer to access your workspace from a local or network drive (outside of ProjectWise), you can create a Workspace Profile.

ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer's General tab provides controls to specify a User and/or a Project workspace. For ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer to honor a Managed Workspace or Workspace Profile, the string "NONE" must be present in both the User and Project workspace text boxes.

The configuration variable IPLOT_PROJECTWISE_INTEGRATION determines if ProjectWise processing will be performed during any of the ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer print type operations (print, preview, export to pdf, etc.). By default, this configuration variable is set to "true."

The configuration variable IPLOT_PROJECTWISE_WORKSPACE_INTEGRATION determines if InterPlot honors the Managed Workspace or Workspace Profile associated with the design file in ProjectWise. This ensures that the correct font, style, and other resources are used when producing plots. By default, this configuration variable is set to "true." When set to "true," InterPlot honors the ProjectWise workspace settings.

For more information on setting up a Managed Workspace or Workspace Profile, see Managing The DataSource > Managing Workspaces in the ProjectWise Administrator Help.

Integrating ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer with ProjectWise Explorer

It is highly recommended that you install MicroStation prior to installing ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer and ProjectWise Explorer. Once you have all installed all three products you can integrate ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer with ProjectWise Explorer.

When ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer is integrated with ProjectWise Explorer, two menu items are added to ProjectWise Explorer's Document menu: Document > New > Plot Set and Document > Add To Plot Set. These two menu items enable you to create and populate ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer plot set files.

Invoke the ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer Configure Utility

  1. Select Integrate.
  2. Select the ProjectWise tab.
  3. Select Toggle Integration.
  4. Select OK and then exit from the configure utility.


In ProjectWise Explorer select Tools - Associations - Programs.

Set the "Select an association view:" to User association.


Then scroll through the list of programs and select "Organizer Plot Set".


Expand it (select the +).

Highlight Open and select the right mouse button.

Select the "Add Association" button.

Select ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer.


Also set the "Enable Legacy Integration" to yes.

Make sure the IPLOT Engine is set to the version of MicroStation you're running.

To do this select Start - All Programs - Bentley - ProjectWise InterPlot Utilities - ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer Configure - Integrate. Highlight the appropriate version of MicroStation and select the "Use as IPLOT Engine" button.


If the iDeskTop Integration is not set.

  1. Close ProjectWise Explorer. 
  2. Open the Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs. 
  3. Find the listing for ProjectWise Explorer and click Change. 
  4. When the installer opens, click Next. 
  5. On the Program Maintenance page, select Modify and click Next. 
  6. On the Custom Setup page, expand the iDesktop Integration item. The application not integrated will be listed with an X next to it, meaning it is not currently integrated. Click the X next to the application and select the following option, This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on the local hard drive.
  7. Click Next, then click Install.

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