Import ASCII Cross Section Data into InRoads

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 Area: Cross Sections
 Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group









Is there a way to import ASCII Cross Section Data into InRoads?


Use the command Evaluation>Cross Section>Cross Sections. Open the Create Cross Section Folder, select Source and toggle on "ASCII or LandXML File".

This option creates cross sections from information found in the specified ASCII file or LandXML file. The ASCII or Land XML leaf allows you to browse for the file.

When a file name is selected from browse or key in, the minimum and maximum offset plus station and number of surfaces are established from the ASCII file or LandXML file. The Right and Left offset from General (Create Cross Section) leaf are used for cross section frame limit. Note that if the minimum and maximum offset are outside of the Right and Left offset, the data will not be used. To correct the problem adjust the right and left offset on the General leaf to match the minimum and maximum offset.

The following applies to the ASCII format. You also have an option to use the active alignment. When using alignment, make sure that the alignment is not empty and has valid station or there will be no cross sections. The surface named “XSAsciiSrf”# (# is a number which increments) is created and you may select the symbology to use. However, they are for one time use only, when you exit the command no data is stored. Station Equation is recognized if they are in proper form, a – z followed by a space followed by number, a 410+000.

Examples of valid file formats are located in the delivered help file section titled, "Importing Cross Sections from ASCII".