Single sign on InterPlot Organizer

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 Original Author:Mark Marrero, Bentley Technical Support Group



User would lke to see if it is possible to enable Single Sign ON in to ProjectWise via Interplot Organizer.


Usually when you login to PW via Projectwise Explorer and click on an existing Organizer Plot Set (filename.ips) file, Interplot Organizer opens and you are not prompted to login into PW again. The only exception would be if the Enable Legacy Integration is set to NO for the Organizer Plot Set. If you set this value to YES, then you will not have to login to PW again from within a PW Explorer session.

To access this option in PW, select Tools>Associations>Programs>User>Organizer Plot et>Open>IplotOrg.Document>right-click Enable Legacy Integration and set the value to YES. This can also be done from within PW Administrator by selecting Datasources>name-of-datasource>Applications> Organizer Plot Set>Actions>Modify>check "Enable Legacy Integration".

If a user opens Interplot Organizer outside of the PW environment, they can login to PW using the File>Projectwise Login> option when the Organizer window opens. These would be the only two methods of accessing PW data via Interplot Organizer.