How to Report Volumes in a Multi Strata Cutting

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 Product(s):Bentley MXROAD
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Is can be common to have a design which has specific cut slopes for the various Strata in a cutting.

If you report volumes from the Design to a Strata Surface the volumes reported can be incorrect, this is due to the design being above the strata surface leading to additional Fill volume being reported.

The image below show an example of the volumes reported between the Design (Yellow line) and Strata 4.The Cut area in Orange is the only required volume and the Fill areas in Bright blue aren't required.

The steps below detail how to report the correct volumes for multi strata cuttings.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. When Creating the cross sections for the Volumes of the Design to the Strata you need to create a mask file to limit the design to the roadway elements and the earthwork elements that run to that Strata.

    In the example below the Design is limited by a mask so the section stops at Strata 4 (Yellow line) and will report the correct cut Volume.

  2. Continue the process with mask files set to limit the design for each strata until the exiting ground surface has been reached.

  3. You can subtract the reported volumes from each other to calculate the volume of each strata removed the cutting, i.e. The Cut volume reported to Strata 3 subtracted from the volume reported to Strata 4 will give the volume in the cutting for Strata 3.

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