Printers list in IPLOT dialog

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 Area: IPLOT
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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


IP Cannot see all my printers in the IPLOT dialog box--We just added a new InterPlot Server to our domain and when I open the IPLOT dialog box, I cannot see any of the printers on this new server. I can manually key-in the UNC path to the device and I can get a plot out.


The affect you are seeing is being caused by the variable:
in the file IP.CFG. This variable controls the display of printers in the IPLOT dialog interface and InterPlot Organizer printer selection lists. The variable takes a semi-colon separated list of wildcard patterns. Only printers that match a pattern in this list will be shown. Note: this variable only influences the list of printers shown in the selection lists only. You can still type in any valid printer name or use a settings file with that printer.