Executive Server Error 103

 Product(s):ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer


The following error message appears after starting the ProjectWise InterPlot Archive Explorer
["A fatal error was encountered attempting to start up Archive Explorer.
Executive Server Error 103
DPR Executive Server: The creation of an instance of the Enterprise Archive Server (DPRArchServ) failed on the Plot Server. The Enterprise Archive Server registration is corrupted. Please make sure the Enterprise Archive Server is installed and registered properly."]


The password for the specific account used with ProjectWise InterPlot Server has been changed, what should not happen, because this password should be set to "Password never expires"..
The problem was solved after redefining the specific account with a valid password in the Identity TAB of the DPRArchServ Properties.
There is a detailed description How to do that. Please look at 11. Run dcomcnfg in the following article …

 Original Author:Frank Reimann