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This Client Server article is republished in its entirety from 2005 for reference purposes.

The InterPlot raster offline driver pack supports the offline printing of a variety of monochrome and color raster formats. It may be loaded on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, or Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

A standard windows printer is defined using the raster offline driver and is shared via the printer properties. The output port will be defined via the Interplot batch port, which is provided with the raster offline driver. This port definition allows the user to manage the file naming pattern and the desired output directory.

In conjunction with the InterPlot Batch Port, you can perform batch plotting to produce the following raster formats:

The InterPlot raster offline drivers provide several methods for changing the appearance of a plot. These methods vary depending on the type of application you are using. You can set your drivers to affect all plot jobs or to work on a per-plot basis.

Driver setup is performed from within your system's print facility. Monitoring, as well as manipulation of the plot jobs is also performed from within your system's print facility. The same printers folder commands provided for managing native Microsoft drivers are also provided for the InterPlot drivers.

The InterPlot raster offline driver pack also enables you to have plot labels associated with each job, thus enabling a user-defined text string to appear at the bottom of each plot job. Information such as the name of the file, the date the file was printed, and who sent the file are common uses of plot labels.

In addition to the drivers, the driver pack also includes accounting and error logging utilities. The accounting utility lets you generate accounting information for each job that the printer processes on the plot server. This information enables system administrators to keep track of printer workloads and can be used, for example, when billing projects/departments and ordering printer supplies based on printer usage.

Error logging lets you maintain error log information for each printer on the plot server, thereby assisting in troubleshooting printing problems.

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