Client printer connection issues to a ProjectWise InterPlot printer, after upgrading to a v10.00.01.

 Product(s):ProjectWise InterPlot Driver Pack
 Environment:Windows Server 2016,Windows Server 2012 R2


When printing from a ProjectWise InterPlot client application to an upgraded server, you may get one or more dialogs that state: "Do you trust this printer? Windows needs to download and install a software driver from \\<server> computer to print to <printer>. Proceed only if you trust this <server> computer and the network, and then restart the print job". The dialog options are "Install Driver" and "Cancel". Clicking on “Install Driver” fails to download and install the driver and the print job fails. Note: You may not get this dialog if you have configured your group policy settings to prevent this dialog from appearing as detailed in the product README file. The only symptom in this case is that the print job fails.
This only occurs when upgrading any of the four CONNECT Edition 10.00.00.xx ProjectWise InterPlot Driver Packs.

The issue described above can be traced back to two Microsoft updates. Included are links to these articles for more complete details:


To fix this problem delete and re-create the printer connection to the server.

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