Creating Breaklines from CSV data

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 Original Author:Sanders Thomas, Bentley Technical Support Group










I am imported a CSV File: Station, Offset, Elevation, and Description with the Description as a feature code. When I import, I only have 1 feature, I need breaklines through all like descriptions. How can this be accomplished?


In order to import data and created breaklines through all like descriptions, you have options.

1. Use your descriptions as Codes and import your CSV data as survey data. You would have to edit your code with either “ST” or “1” so that InRoads will know where to start the breakline. Ensure that you have selected Draw Line to Previous Same Code for each code to be drawn as a breakline.

2. The second option is to set your Point Type to Breaklines within the Text Import Wizard (Step 4 of 4) and use your descriptions as your Styles. Before you do that, you’d need to set your style to display Line Segments within the Style Managers. This can be a bit risky because you can/may have one line segment drawn to all points with the same style.

By far, the absolute best method is to have the data coded during collection, Import as survey and you can export for survey data to a surface or geometry.