Launching InRoads from Projectwise causes a ProjectWise Log in dialog before the DGN wil load

Area: Projectwise Integration


When launching InRoads integrated with Projectwise, MicroStation launches but immediatley prompts the user to log into the datasource again.



There was a change introduced in PW SS4 that required InRoads to start using the ‘ustation.exe’ in its program association (instead of the ‘inroads.exe’).  This is documented in the “ProjectWise and Plotting Integration.pdf” that is delivered with the InRoads release.  Below is a clip from this document…

 “The program association must 1.) point to the location of the MicroStation “ustation.exe”, 2.) define the command line argument “-wsLoad_InRoads_SS2=1”, and 3.) have Enable Legacy Integration turned ON.”

Once this is set, the InRoads products are available to be loaded from the Application menu in MicroStation.