Replace Survey point codes upon import with project specific code - String Substitution

Product(s):InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
Area: Survey



In the field, their surveyors have a set of universal codes they use to take shots.  However, when supplying the information to other clients and agencies, they need their codes on the survey points to match the standards of the agencies to whom they are sending the information.  They need a way to set up a batch conversion of survey codes in order to produce correct survey feature codes to supply to other users/clients.


In the OpenRoads Survey technology, we have the ability to perform a string substitution which will read the code strings in the data and replace it with a mapped string that is defined within the Project Settings.

To set up the String Substitutions:

  1. In Project Explorer, go into the Civil Standards > Project Settings > Survey > Settings, right-click and go to Properties.
  2. Expand Data File Parsing and look at the option for Use Substitute Strings and set it to True.
  3. Build the code substitution strings under the Substitute Strings option.  You click in the ‘Substitute Strings’ field and select the browse button to bring up the dialog. Go through and add new string substitutions by clicking New, then set the ‘Substitute’ and ‘With’ fields. The ‘Substitute’ field is the code that would appear in the RAW survey data that is being imported. The ‘With’ field is the new string you wish to use once the survey is processed.  In the following example, when the survey data is imported it would substitute any string that reads EP and replace it with EOP.



When importing the file, make sure you are importing it into the OpenRoads Survey and not the Native InRoads File > Text Import Wizard.  It must be done under the OpenRoads Field Books to recognize the string substitutions from the settings.


Right-click and create a new fieldbook, then you right-click on the new fieldbook you created and select Load > File Using Text Import Wizard.  Set the file type at the bottom to ALL FILES (*.*) and browse to your text file.  Then import and step through the wizard.  Then the new Fieldbook should have the points imported with the new substituted strings.  Highlight the All Point Features (#1 below), then select the Show Details (#2 below) to see a details box with the reflected change in the codes.



If working with different agencies, you can have multiple settings defined for the different standards stored in the dgn libraries.  Different settings can be selected when importing the data to substitute the strings to the correct standards.  The program will ask which settings you wish to use so you can set the correct codes to be substituted.