Displaying Crossing Features in Cross Section Sets

Version(s):08.09+, 08.11+
Area: Cross Sections


Use the Update Cross Section command to verify when not sure if the features are being displayed in the cross section. Evaluation > Cross Section > Cross Sections > Update Cross Section > Select the correct cross section set > Mode: Display On > Crossing Features > Select the correct surface > if the field is populated with feature names, then these features in the list are not being displayed in the cross section set.  If the feature list is empty, verify that all of your levels are turned on. 

Please see the screenshot below.  This screenshot shows the crossing features that are not being displayed in the cross section set.  You will also notice in the screenshot there are features in black, gray, and red.

If the crossing feature name is in black text, then select the feature(s) and hit apply to display them in the cross section set. If the feature(s) still have not been placed in the cross section, or they remain in the list, then the Cross Section Point symbology for that style needs to be checked.

The common mistake is selecting a cell to display for the point without selecting a cell from the drop down list.  

Another issue will be if the symbology is not “Initialized”.  You will be able to tell if it has been initialized by editing the symbology.  If the level shows “Not Initialized” then adjustments must be made to the object symbology before the crossing feature will display.


If the feature is gray then the style needs to be edited in the style manager to display in the cross sections. (toggle on Crossing Points)

If this feature name is red, then the feature style is not defined in the style manager.  At this time, the style must be created in the style manager so the feature(s) can be displayed in the cross section set or the style name can be changed under Surface > Feature > Feature Properties. 


The style may be created by going to Tools > Style Manager.  Once in the Style Manager, the exact style name must be created that was used for the feature.

Once all the styles/symbologies have been verified, return to the Update Cross Section command to display them.