Component Display in Cross Sections

Area: Cross Sections
Original Author:Chris Key, Bentley Technical Support Group



When displaying cross sections from an alignment which differs from the alignment used to create the surface and/or if the cross sections are skewed, the components are not properly displayed if at all. 

For example, when modeling northbound, southbound travelways in separate corridors, components don’t display for some of the DTM’s especially if the corridors are not exactly parallel to the main alignment from which the cross sections are cut.

In another case, the components are all showing up but instead of following the correct stations in which the components should appear, all the components from ALL template drops are showing in every cross section.  This is resulting in duplicate components appearing on top of each other in sections.  For example, a bridge only exists from between station 10+00 to 11+00, but the bridge deck is appearing in all cross sections.



Apply the "Use Mesh Algorithm for Cross Sections Components" variable and then update or recreate the cross sections.  This option is located in the Tools > Variable Manager > Command Behavior: Use Mesh Algorithm for Cross Section Components.  This option will also allow clipped components to display in the sessions.

Don't see the Variable Manager command?  Take a look at the link below for instructions on how to add it: