How to use Associate MX Strings function

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 Original Author:Jason Walsh, Bentley Technical Support Group


In MX v8i SS3 and SS4 the Feature definition toolbar has a function called Associate MX Strings as below.

Associate MX Strings allows the projection of points from a reference onto adjacent strings. This ensure that the all the base elements points are included and align as would normally occur when using MX Design options.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Export the required OpenRoads elements to an MX model using Export to Native function.

  2. Select the Associate MX Strings and select the OpenRoads feature element/elements that are the MX feature strings, the prompt will say Select a MX String, Right click when you have selected the required OpenRoads feature elements to continue.

  3. The prompt will now say Select a Master String, select the OpenRoads feature element that is the MX master string.

  4. Export the OpenRoads elements again to the MX model to update the MX strings.

  5. When you interogiate the updated MX Strings they will now have the projected points.

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 Original Author:Jason Walsh, Bentley Technical Support Group