Unit and Format Items Greyed Out

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I have a concern that stems from the message dialogue viewed when I review the Project Options in Bentley InRoads Survey V8i (SS3) V08.11.09.493. I do not understand what Unit and Format (within Project Options) is being recognized and used by Inroads. Project Options is indicating Imperial units for linear and degrees for angular units. This dialogue is greyed out and cannot be changed…. The design file is set for US Survey FEET, is inroads yielding to the design file settings? And is the format indicated in the Project Options > Units Format to be ignored?


The items that are greyed out are controlled by the Design File Settings in Open Roads (Settings>Design File Settings>Working Units>Custom) and are applicable to Civil Tools.

If you are using the native Survey command, then you’d want to verify units within Tools>Survey Options, these settings override the similar settings found under Tool >Options. Users are able to import survey data via Civil Tools or the native commands in the same design file.