Copy Preferences from One XIN to Another

Version(s):08.11.07+, 08.11.09+
Area: Tools



How do you copy preferences from one XIN to another?


To copy preferences from one xin to another xin, you will need to add the “Copy Preference” Add-In.  To do this, go to Tools > Application Add-Ins, toggle on “Copy Preference Add-In”, and click “Apply”.

Now go to Tools > Copy Preferences.  This will bring up the Copy Preferences dialog.  Browse to select your Source Preference File and the Available Styles and Preference Names lists will populate.  Highlight the ones you wish to copy and click “Apply”.  This will add them to the xin file that you have open in InRoads at the time.   The currently open xin file must be set to Read-Write for the preferences to be copied.