How to import LIDAR Data in MXRoad using Open Roads Technology

Applies To 
Product(s):Bentley MXROAD
Version(s):MX Road V8i SS3 & MX Road V8i SS4
Environment: N/A
Area: Data Import
Subarea:Terrain Model
Original Author:Purva Lakde. Product Advantage Group

Lidar data imported as an MX triangulation model in MXRoad. MX can directly import Lidar data however it can often be too large so importing it as a Point Cloud is often a preferable import method. The wiki articles below detail the process.

Steps to Accomplish:

 1. Attach LIDAR file by loading the Point Cloud into the display using the Point Cloud tool (File>Point Clouds > Select File Type "XYZ")


2. Once you import LIDAR data will display the dialog box for Convert ASCII Files.

3. As soon as you hit ok, this will brings up the dialog box to save LIDAR Data in POD format.

The point cloud data will always be converted over to the Point tools format POD and the file saved in the same folder as the original data.


4. Open Civil Tools under task manager > Expand Terrain Model > Create from Point Cloud, now you need to import saved Point Cloud file which is in POD format and then import into current drawing.

5. Once you import the point cloud data this will display as shown in the below snapshot.

6. To work with MX Road, you need to export this terrain to MX model , you need to hoover on it and export to MX.


Please let me know if you have any questions on the same.