How do I move storm, inlet and conduit catalogs from GEOPAK or InRoads to StormCAD for OpenRoads?

Product(s):InRoads, GEOPAK
Area: Subsurface Utilities



I have defined storms, grates, inlets and conduits which I use with GEOPAK Drainage or InRoads Storm and Sanitary.  Can I import these to StromCAD for OpenRoads to help build my hydraulic seed file?


Yes.  Although there is no direct import into StormCAD OpenRoads, you can import these files using the traditional StormCAD for Microstation.  


  1. Start StormCAD (traditional) running in your GEOPAK environment.  In order to do this you will need to:
    1. Install StormCAD
    2. Temporarily remove the subsurface.cfg file from your /Config/Appl directory
    3. Temporarily add the following to geopak.cfg,
      1. MS_STORMCAD_ROOTDIR = C:/Program Files (x86)/Bentley/StormCAD8/
      2. %include $(MS_STORMCAD_ROOTDIR)config/appl/stormcad.cfg
  2. Then using a scrap DGN file go to menu item StormCAD > Project > Import > Geopak Drainage Library
    1. Select the drainage library which you normally use with GEOPAK Drainage 
    2. This imports storms, inlets and conduits in the GEOPAK library to StormCAD catalogs
  3. So, that we can use the storms in StormCAD OpenRoads
    1. go to StormCAD > Components > Storm Data
    2. select each storm in turn, right click and export to an XML library
  4. Likewise for inlets go to StormCAD > Components > Inlet Catalog and export the inlets to an XML library
  5. And do the same for conduits StormCAD > Components > Conduit Library 

For InRoads:

  1. For InRoads:
    1. Install StormCAD
    2. Start StormCAD standalone or StormCAD for Microstation from the installed icons

  2. Then using a scrap DGN file go to menu item StormCAD > Project > Import > InRoads
  3. In the dialog that opens
    1. select any InRoads S&S project file
    2. Select the structures.dat file which has all your inlets
    3. Select an IDF file
  4. The inlet definitions are imported as well as the IDF file
  5. Go to StormCAD > Components > Inlet Catalog and select each of the inlets in turn and export to an XML library
  6. StormCAD > Components > Storm Data
    1. The IDF was imported to a storm definition named InRoads
    2. Rename it by right click as appropriate
    3. Right click and export to an XML library
  7. If you have multiple IDF files then repeat steps 2 and 3 and 6 for for each IDF file

Then for either GEOPAK or InRoads

  1. Reverse the temporary CFG changes above
  2. Start GEOPAK / InRoads normally
  3. Go to Subsurface Utility > Components > Storm Data and import the storms from the XML created above
  4. Then Subsurface Utility > Components > Inlet Catalog and import from XML above
  5. Then Subsurface Utility > Components > Conduit Library and import from XML above
  6. Now these library items are available for use in feature definitions, scenarios or prototypes