Key Station

 Product(s):Bentley MXROAD
 Version(s):MX SS4
 Environment: OpenRoads
 Area: Key Station 
 Original Author:

Amita Shinde. Product Advantage Group

Question :

What is the significance of "Key Stations" in corridor modelling and how to add these stations?


Key stations tool is useful to add stations that are not coincident with the template interval, when a special circumstance of the project occurs and it is desirable to include this station in processing.

To add key station, following are the steps:

1. Select the corridor, and then from the toolbar select "Corridor Creation Tools > Key Station".

2. A display line dynamically running perpendicular to the baseline reference is visible.

3. Define the key station by dynamically moving the display to the desired location and then data point. OR enter the station in the dialog box "Station" and then data point to accept.

Thus key station and added and the corridor is automatically reprocessed to include the new station.