Analytic Symbology - How do I define font?

Product(s):InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
Area: Subsurface Utilities



I want to use Analytic Symbology to generate labels for my utility features.  How do I define the font?


The font used for the labels generated by Analytic Symbology is the font defined in the active text style. (Element > Text Style).  Only the font, color and background are used from the text style.  Text size is defined in Element Symbology

Analytic Symbology is toggled on in View Attributes and is only valid for use in 2D models.  First, toggle on the check box for Analytic Symbology.  Then in the drop-down lists choose whether you want to produce labels configured for SUE or for Hydraulic Analysis.  Then you can choose any preconfigured Symbology Definitions.