Report Conflicting Points

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 Area: Terrain Model 
 Original Author:

Amita Shinde. Product Advantage Group

Question :

Is it possible to report the conflicting points in the terrain model?

Answer :

Yes, you can report the conflicting points.

Steps :

1. From the "Task Manager > Terrain Modelling", select "Report Conflicting Points".

2. Select the Terrain, and follow the heads-up prompts. The conflicting points whose elevation difference is greater than the Level Tolerance as listed in the report. So, you need to set the level tolerance as required.

3. The "Terrain Model Report Dialog" is shown up.

4. You shall find the "Export" option therein. Hitting the "Export option will display the report in the report browser. The same can be saved as excel , for this, go to "File > Save As" and change the "File Type" as required.