Create Graphic Linear Feature from a Microstation Element

Applies To 
Product(s):Open Roads Technology
Environment: N/A
Area: Open Roads Technology
Subarea: Survey
Original Author:Purva Lakde. Product Advantage Group

Create a new Graphic Linear Feature from a MicroStation element, as shown in the snapshot below, let us consider to draw a line which is in pink colour by using Microstation Line command.


1. Use the MicroStation Place Smart Line tool to draw a line in the area shown in pink on the snapshot.

2. Then right-click on Linear Features and choose Add Graphic Linear Feature as shown below.


3. Click on the newly created Smart Line to add the MicroStation element as a Graphic Linear Feature.


4. Created a Graphic Linear Feature from the Microstation Element.


NOTE: When a new Linear Feature is added the default name will be “Linear Feature1” and it will show at the bottom of the Survey Details panel list. The same is true for new Point Features.